Please read carefully!

All return vendors booth space applications must be received in our office no later than May 1 to reserve the same booth space as last year. All applications received after May 1 will be assigned booth space according to availability on a first come, first serve basis whether you are a returning or a new vendor.

1. All fees must accompany your application. Make checks payable to “Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce” (VACC). We accept MasterCard, Visa , and Discover. There will be no refunds!

2. It is very important to fill in the description of what you will be selling on the application form. We reserve the right to limit applications based on the type of merchandise or food items, and the number of applications received for a certain product. We need that information so that we can space the booths to everyone’s best advantage. Available spaces will be assigned on a first request basis. All deadlines and rules will be enforced when we assign spaces. We will not be able to entertain all requests. If there is a question or problem about your request, you will be contacted. Decisions of the Board of Directors of the Chamber will be final.

3. If you request additional spaces or additional electricity, you may not be able to retain your former booth space, depending on the type of request and our ability to grant that request with our current facilities. Except for electricity, your booth must be self-sufficient.

4. Booths containing food items will be inspected by a county health official at set-up time and MUST BE APPROVED. If not approved, you will be required to either comply with the official’s request or leave the festival area.

5. We do not provide tables and none are available from the Chamber.

Our rules and guidelines are to help us run smoothly and provide a safe and sanitary environment for our Festival patrons. Failure to comply with rules and guidelines will disallow your participation in the Festival.

Versailles Olde Tyme Apple Festival™ Guidelines

 Booth spaces will be available in 10’ x 10’ increments.  If you need more than 10’ from side to side, you must go to the next booth size.  You need to have sufficient room inside your booth space to hold all of your products and supplies.    All booth spaces will be marked and numbered.  You will be NOT be allowed to extend over and into another person’s space.  All trailers must include the length of the tongue in their over-all length.  No trailer tongues will be allowed to fall over into crosswalks or another person’s booth space.  If you have over a 10’ trailer, including the tongue, you need a 20’ booth space.  There will be no exceptions.  If you exceed your space, you will be moved.  No tongues will extend out into the street beyond the 10’ mark.  No tongues will be parked on sidewalks.  There will be no storage of vendor products in crosswalks or on sidewalks.

 NO vendors that are setting up on Friday night will be allowed into the downtown area until after 10:00 pm.
Stay at your booth  site until inspection has been approved.
This was a new rule in 2011 and will be enforced  by the Versailles Police Dept. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS

1)  All booths must be set up and ready to operate by 9:00 am Saturday morning.  No booths are to be removed before 5:00 pm, but may stay later, if the crowd warrants, staying later than 6:00 pm.

2)  No vehicles will be allowed on the square between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on the day of the Festival.  If you need assistance returning to your booth after you park your vehicle, one of the Apple Festival volunteers will be happy to transport you back to your booth.  Just contact someone in an orange vest and ask for assistance.

3)  We provide NO special parking for vendors!  It is first come, first served, when it comes to parking close to the square.  There will be handicapped parking available off the Festival site.  If you need assistance, please contact an Apple Festival representative.

4)  All exhibitors will need their official confirmation letter with their booth space number as they enter the Festival site.  Please have your copy available for the Apple Festival representative to check.  All booths need to be checked in by an Apple Festival representative before setting up. There will be check-in points at every street entrance.

5)  Regulations on the use of electrical hookups will be strictly followed:

  1. 110 Volt hookups will be $15, with a limit of two (2) appliances per plug.  Please use only those hookups labeled with your booth number. They are usually located on the street light poles. Booth electrical systems are subject to fire inspection.
  2. Electrical service is limited.  Requests for electrical hookups will be honored on a first request basis.
  3. Indicate on the application form the amperage that you will need.  If you need 220, you need to list whether it is 30 amp or 50 amps, etc.  You will be charged accordingly.  Fee schedules are listed on the application.

6)  Vendors will break down all cardboard boxes for waste disposal.  You are responsible for policing your area for trash.  Receptacles are provided on the square for this purpose.  All vendors are responsible for disposing of trash at the end of the day.  Failure to adhere to our guidelines will disqualify you from returning to the Festival again.

7)  County and City health regulations apply to all food concession booths.  You will be provided with a copy of the regulations.  Be ready to be inspected.

8)  THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WILL NOT BE SOLD DURING THE FESTIVAL:  “Canned String”, “Silly String”, “Marshmallow Guns”, and “Canned Farts”.  You will be asked to leave if you are caught selling these items.  If you have items that are more of the “Flea Market” variety, please call Nancy at 573-378-4085 to obtain space at the Open Air Market at the Fairgrounds on Highway 52 in Versailles.

9)  Make sure you are staffed appropriately for the volume of business expected during the festival

10)  All banks in Versailles are closed the day of Apple Festival; make sure you bring adequate change.

11)   No type of self – propelled vehicles will be allowed within the festival area between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  This includes golf carts, four wheelers, motorcycles, etc.  The only exception will be for official Apple Festival personnel, emergency staff, police, or motorized scooters or wheelchairs needed by handicapped festival attendees.

12)  Vendor shall carry public liability insurance, including bodily injury, of not less than $500,00.00 per occurrence and not less than $500,000.00 in aggregate. Vendor agrees to list the Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce as an additional insured and agree to hold the Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce harmless from any liability. If a Vendor does not carry public liability insurance, the Vendor shall execute a separate hold harmless agreement. **Please sign below**

13)  There is NO water available for vendors!  If you need water, you are responsible to provide your own.

In consideration of the Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce renting a booth space to Vendor, Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce, its employees, directors and all related entities, from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability and expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property occurring in and about, or arising from related to or in conjunction with Versailles Olde Tyme Apple Festival and Versailles Area Chamber of Commerce, adjacent sidewalks, loading platforms or areas, parking areas or occasioned wholly or in part by any negligent or willful act or omission of the Vendor, its agents, subcontractors, exhibitors, concessionaires or employees, then the Vendor shall protect and hold harmless the above-named indemnied in conjunction with litigation. Your signed application is your agreement to accept any space assigned, and to abide by all Vendor Guidelines.

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